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Foto Care  3 Year Foto Care Warranty - Coverage up to $1000  

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Main specs

Features:  3 year warranty

Foto Care-3 Year Foto Care Warranty - Coverage up to $1000-Camera Warranties


Length of Service

3 years

Applicable In


Summary of Coverage

Not Available

Terms and Conditions

Foto Source Canada Inc. agrees to repair or - in its sole discretion - replace, the digital camera, video camera or camera accessories (lens or electronic flashes), covered under this service contract for the period specified on the Foto Care Service Contract Certificate of the matters listed above.

How to Register

To obtain coverage, you will need to bring the item with the proof of purchase within 30 days from the date of purchase to a Foto Source member store. After determining the coverage, that member store will register your service contract purchase.

How to Obtain Service

When your item requires service, you will need to take it to that Foto Source member store where the service contract has been purchased. That member store will determine the coverage and will decide if your item should or shouldn’t be repaired or replaced. In the same time, you will also be advised when your item will be available for pick-up.

Limitations of coverage

This service contract will cover one digital or video camera body and one built-in or external lens. An additional service contract must be purchased for each additional lens or electronic flash. This service contract does not cover batteries, lens caps, power adapters, memory cards, tapes, software, DVDs, remotes, docking stations, cables, accessories or filters.

Items not covered:

  • Item damaged beyond recognition;
  • Item damaged by fire;
  • Item lost or stolen;
  • Item where ownership is transferred;
  • Item where the serial number has been altered or removed;

Transfer Inquiries

Non Transferable

Limit of Liability

Neither Foto Source Canada Inc. nor any other Foto Source member store will be liable for loss of profits (revenue), inconvenience, replacement rental equipment costs, direct, indirect or consequential damages, loss or damage to software and / or digital media.
If the item cannot be restored to manufacturer's specifications, damage is beyond economic repair. If the item has been repaired 3 times for the same issue, Foto Source Canada Inc. - in its sole discretion - may determine to replace the item with the same or equivalent model, and this service contract will only cover manufacturer's defects for the balance of the contract.