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Passport Photos


No appointment necessary. Carman’s Foto Source or Fairview Photo Lab will follow specific Passport Canada guidelines to properly photograph infants, children or adults. You don’t need an appointment and we will print them on the spot so you can walk out with them in hand.


We can take the photos for passports that aren’t Canadian too!


Video Transfers


Preserve your family footage by visiting us today

We convert and transfer 8mm movies or VHS tapes to DVD or transfer VHS, PAL or SECAM video tapes to the format you need them in. Now you can easily view your favourite memories and share them with family and friends.




Photo Restoration


Old or damaged photos in need of repair or retouching? Carman’s Foto Source & Fairview Photo Lab can bring them back to life. Your valuable photographs will look brand new once our expert photo restoration specialists take care of them! A beautifully restored photo can also make a unique and personal gift. We restore, recolour, repair, or retouch your most cherished memories to give them that new look again.


Carman’s Foto Source & Fairview Photo Lab can...

• Remove scratches, tearing, discolouration and red spots.

• Enhance contrast, colour balance, and exposure.

• Add or remove objects or people.

• Manipulate background, eye colour, body shape and other features.

• Change colour photos into black and white or black and white photos into colour.

• Add text, logos, and other elements.


Visit a store for a quote today! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!